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    Below I share some products I’ve tried lately.
    They range from luxury oral care to daily exfoliating pads.



    Oral Care

    Selahatin is a really interesting luxury oral care brand.

    The story behind the brand, and it’s aesthetic is what captured me the most.
    And the updated scents and flavours.

    “The brand was born from a crisis. Before the age of 30, founder Kristoffer Vural had a stroke that left him paralysed and hospitalized for a year. The stroke made his senses more responsive to scent and taste. It also highlighted the importance of everyday rituals.

    – I started to see things differently. I realized that the small things in life had a profound effect on my wellbeing. If I had a bad day, brushing my teeth would make it worse. I was desperate for products that I could emotionally connect with – products that could provide a sense of escapism, says founder Kristoffer Vural.”


    Pressday at SpoilConcept


    images from selahatin

    Of Course I Still Love You – a toothpaste with bergamot, cardamom & verbena





    I have loved Excuviance exfoliating pads for a long time. But now perhaps even more with its new gentle approach and fragrance free formula.

    Gentle Daily Exfoliating Pads contain PHA that is mildly exfoliating and stimulates cell renewal, Green tea and Cucumber extract together with Vitamin C and E is an antioxidant boost your face is very thankful for.

    I use these pads in the morning prior to moisturizer and sunscreen for a fresh feel and instant radiant skin!







    The neverending search for the perfect sunscreen is on!

    I have tried Heliocare’s 360 A-R Emulsion for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness.

    Stats: 50+ ,  UVA/UVB protection, HEV and IR protection.

    This emulsion is fragrance free, slightly tinted and so far so good even for PD skin!

    So thumbs up from me, for this one!






    Fellow makeupartist Nathalie Berzelius is known in Sweden for making ultra glam looks.  Her own brand Nathalie Berzelius Stockholm breathes just that.

    I have tried The Riviera Box and peach lipgloss with a hint of mint and I really like the colour selection in the palette for an easy DIY red – carpet look.

    Congratulations on your beautiful brand, Nathalie!











    Marina Andersson
    June 15, 2023