Rolling in the deep?

    Rolling in the deep?

    If I am referring to what happened Friday, absolutely!
    I tried a body roll machine for the first time.
    A pre-programmed rolling wooden massage machine (  looks like a giant rolling pin) , that works with your lymphatic system, to ease muscle tension, boost circulation and more.



    I heard about this in New York and have been curious to try it for a while
    This is a pre programmed 45 minute session, with 15 positions lasting 3 minutes each, starting with the soles of the feet, then calves, thighs and then quite uncomfortably asks you to straddle the roll to target the inner thighs and so forth.



    What I thought about it?
    I felt it was like an active workout and massage in one.
    Reminiscent of  maderotherapy or wood therapy that sometimes is used on my legs in my regular MLD massage

    wooden rollers used for maderotheraphy


    Does it hurt? Not hurt, but a little uncomfortable in the beginning, before the area warms up.
    But this was my first session. I´m sure if I were to do it again I would know more what to expect.

    I loved the infrared heat that was built in the roller, to help warm up the muscles and also is said to speed up the detoxification process.

    The instructor here in Stockholm was very thorough and helpful to guide me through the programme and explain all benefits and what to expect.
    She supervised me, and helped me adjust positions if I needed help.

    Will I come back? Probably

    Will I change it up for my manual lymphatic drainage massage? Never.

    I felt energized straight after my session. Like after a workout, but minus the sweat. A little tired at night, but that might also be one of the benefits, better sleep!
    I made sure to amp up my water intake to aid this process.
    The next day I felt great!

    This is not an ad. I paid for my session, but love to share my curiousity for wellness with you!

    Marina Andersson
    September 17, 2023