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    “Inlägget innehåller reklam genom annonslänkar för Hudoteket och LYKO”.


    A quick post of what’s happened lately.
    The sun is out, and it´s Friday!

    A new editorial is out in Cake Magazine
    Love this outtake by photographer Sara Bille

    When I thought these times could not get any more weird, I broke my foot while running.
    Can easily say that I am not great at being slow. But picking up speed by the minute now! 🙂
    Thank You for all your well-wishes for my foot, and for my birthday!



    Anyhow, while writing this post I am having a lovely breakfast at Icanders, in Stockholm.

    Their breakfast and Lunch is amazing! Traditional Swedish “husmanskost” with a modern twist.
    Take look  here 

    Its pressweek in Stockholm.  All presentations are digitaI of course. ( Is Zoom perhaps one of our most used apps this spring?)

    One presentation that had some exciting news was Exuviance that is undergoing a transformation with its packaging design, partly being available to the consumer in major stores ( YAY! ) but also in salons with a new name, Excuviance professional.
    Very curious to try their new and improved formulas


    Can’t wait to try the new Retinol Serum ( 1,5% retinol), Glycolic Polish , Citrafirm Face Oil  and the at home salon-feel peel – Performance Peel AP25

    Some products stay the same, but have just changed their name like Overnight Transformation Complex Former known asExuviance Evening Restorative Complex.


    A  little care label : Always remember to use SPF after any kind of peel during the summer months!

    I am testing a lot of different sunscreens, at the moment , combining them in an upcoming  SPF guide for you soon!



    Another brand I have been curious about to try is Perricone MD.

    Skincare-infused makeup that blends with the skin to create a luminous glow and natural flush of color.
    So far I can say that their super light,  No Makeup Foundation Serum is a great alternative for your CC/ BB cream for the summer!

    I am using shade Nude, and it goes on very light.

    A tip is to dab a bit of their liquid blush on the cheeks for a healthy look!


    Stay safe and have lovely weekend!



    Marina Andersson
    May 29, 2020