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    Does your hair feel heavy with spidery ends?
    Dry, dull, extra oily or have a lot of product-build up?
    Well, maybe you are in need of a hairdetox?

    News have come my way that there are several new hair-detox products on the market right now.
    If you feel like giving your hair a detox using scalp friendly products, I would start by using a deep cleansing shampoo with clarifying and detoxing benefits.
    Perhaps you like this one from Grown Alchemist, or Redkens Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo?
    And maybe add a hairtreatment that adds moisture and shine?
    Or a serene leave-on scalp soothing treatment like this one from Oribe?

    Budgie, KICKS own budget brand, have served up a purifying Charcoal Dry Shampoo containing activated charcoal, that I am very curious about, and a clarifying Apple Cider Scrub for the scalp.
    I am also eager to try R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub.

    If you are not familiar with hair scrubs, they are exfoliants, suitable for the removal of product-build up and rejuvenating of the scalp (depending on the ingredients and purpose labelled , of course )

    Talking about apple cider vinegar, are you curious how my soap as shampoo experiment went?

    Well, I tried it.
    And I got my husband and daughter on board aswell.
    A little less motivated than myself, but still.
    After nine days of aleppo soap and apple cider vinegar as shampoo and conditioner I gave in.
    I had a strong urge to go back to my normal routine with conventional products and creamy conditioner.
    I must say I did feel super clean while trying the soap and vinegar out. No itchy scalp or sensitivities.
    Was really impressed how well the apple cider vinegar helped to add shine and even detangle the hair.
    But I will not miss smelling like salad.

    Did you give it a go? Tell me what you think about it!

    / Marina

    Topimage from Vogue photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Phyllis Posnick

    Marina Andersson
    September 19, 2019