I´ve been testing some shampoos , treatments and styling creams to enliven my dry, dull winter hair lately and these are my favourites so far.

    Please note all opinions are my own and in relation to my own hair-structure and length. Results might vary from person to person.


    BJÖRN AXEN has a new great organic haircare line. I like to put a few drops of their Organic Caring Hair Oil in the lengths after using their treatment Deep Conditioner Repair. Another great product from their organic line is their Universal Styling Cream. Perfect to tame the frizzies and easy to achieve soft , manageable hair.
    The hair feels good and cared for, and I like the fresh scent of bergamot.

    SACHA JUAN Who doesn’t love products that work while you sleep? I  like their Overnight Hair Repair. I have only used it and rinsed it out in the morning, but it is waterbased, so it is light enough to leave it in. I might try that next time.

    REDKEN I´ve always loved their line All Soft and  Redkens new formula All Soft Mega Shampoo and Conditioner are REALLY good. My hair needs a lot of moisture and this really does the trick for me!

    NOIR I love Noir´s Leave In Conditioner, but another great product from their line is their Blowout out cream – MARVELOUS. I mean,they got me at the name already, but the product is also great.
    It nurtures, acts as a defrizzer, restores hair, all while giving a shiny, bouncy and fuller looking mane.
    I recommend using a medium size round brush and medium heat with your blowdrier for best result.
    A plus is the citrusy, patchouli-scent stays all day 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


    In Swedish
    Jag har testat hårvårdsprodukter för trött och livlöst vinterhår och detta är mina favoriter so far!
    Alla åsikter är mina egna men resultat kan variera beroende på hårtyp.

    Marina Andersson
    April 20, 2018