With this beauty editorial I wanted to create timeless beauty images and inspire us women who are curious about makeup trends, but perhaps unsure how to adapt the looks from the catwalk to our own skin, in everyday life, regardless of age.

    I looked at what makeup we saw on the catwalk for spring 2021 and broke down those looks, so they could be manageable for you to do at home.
    Below I share some makeupartist tricks and hands-on tips for you!
    If you want to see the full story in print and read a short interview with the models and me, you can get the May issue of Damernas Värld in stores now.




    I worked with the brilliant Beauty Editor of Styleby Magazine and Damernas Värld, Anja Skeppe Grahn, and she made this story possible. You will find the complete contributing team below in this post.





    For lighter or blond brows choose a taupe or cool light brown. I like to use browpencils and mix 2 to 3 different shades so it creates a 3D effect. Paint light, feathery strokes in the directions of the hairs, for a believable finish. For unruly brows I always use a brow gel. You can also use a nourishing brow serum to stimulate hairgrowth to build up the brows from within.



    A bright red is a classic, that never goes out of style and is always on trend. When you work with matte finishes make sure you moisturize your lips prior application. You want to avoid unwanted shafing or spotty red coverage. Dark skin usually needs products with higher dose of pigmentation, and here I used a lipshade from MAC that gives an intense red colour. I used a lip brush to apply this lipstick. A tip is to use a flat narrow brush. I usually choose a concealer brush instead of the classic lip brushes out there. Some are way to thin for my liking. We don’t want to end up with visible lines on the lips. Sometimes I apply lipstick with my right ringfinger. This helps to get the pigment in well and creates a natural finish, with no sharp edges.






    The first step in creating dewy skin and that perfect glow, is choosing the right skincare. I often work more with skincare than with makeup to create that inner glow. If you have well hydrated skin you don’t need so much makeup. It’s easier to enhance what you have and only cover up where needed.
    On Caroline above I layered skincare in several steps. A light facial serum, moisturizer, eye cream and then sealed it with facial oil which helped to bring out her natural glow. I mixed several shades of foundation and used a concealer with an orange undertone to brighten the under eye area. To even out her skintone even more I used a liquid foundation applied with a beauty blender sponge , and added a creamy highlighter on the highest points of her face.






    Natural Sunkissed skin with glow is a classic look that never goes out of style. I used a very light foundation for minimum coverage. The trick with bronzers is to match it to your own skintone. There are plenty of orange toned bronzers with a lot of shimmer. I would stay away from those as they tend to take over your whole look. Instead try a a more subtle product with a matte to satin finish, that will give you a more delicate and natural feel.Apply the product with a big blush brush. Bigger than you think you need, and look for ones with soft natural bristles. That way you avoid sharp lines. If you still want glow, you can add an illuminating product to the cheekbones.






    Here I wanted to create an updated version of the classic eyeliner, leave a graphic impression but still with a minimalistic feel. When creating bold looks on the eyes, I like to keep all other elements clean. A natural skinfinish with glow is always flattering, but I still keep the glow subtle. To achieve above look I used a cream pot colour applied with a medium brush. I followed the shape of Carolines eye, but extended the shape to suit her face. That gives an impression of enlarged eyes. I then set the creamy liner with a matte black eyeshadow and made sure there were no gaps or holes in between the lashes. This make the look more durable and powerful. You can also add mascara if you like.





    The hazey eye makeup was seen at Chanel and Chloé for spring and it’s a very flattering look for all eye shapes and less dramatic than the classic Smokey eye. The trick here is to blend, blend, blend.  Quite the opposite from the graphic eye above . Here you don’t want any sharp edges. I suggest applying the shadow with a medium to large eyeshadow brush, following your eyeshape. You don’t necessarily have to use black. Pick the colour you are in the mood for exploring, or one that brings out the best in your eye colour. Brown, purple, grey or green works well. Apply a matching kohlliner in between your lashes and on the inner rim, and finish off with mascara. I also like to bend the lashes for a more awake gaze.





    With the right position of your blush it might change the impression of your face shape. If you apply blush on the highest points of the cheekbones and a little closer to your eyes it might give your face an instant lift. And you don’t have to limit your brushstrokes to the cheeks only. Why not try a monochromatic look? Pink on the eyelids is a perfect pick me up trick, and working it in on the lips aswell is a more sustainable 3-in-1 look. I used a pink cream blush and and worked it in, in a half moon shape from the cheekbones up to the eyelid and browbone. For best result match your blush to your skin tone. Unsure how? Take a picture of your face after a brisk walk,  and observe the colour of your cheeks.Pick a blush colour close to that, and you won’t go wrong.




    Dare to try something different! If you always reach for that classic red, maybe try a bright fuchsia or orange colour on you lips? Fuchsia is an instant moodbooster and flattering for most skintones. A well hydrated lip is key to any major lip look.

    And remember, makeup should be fun!






    Beauty Editor – Anja Skeppe Grahn /DV & Styleby

    Fashion Director – Lisa Pettersson / DV

    Photographer – Nina Holma / Agent Bauer

    Creative idea & Makeup – Marina Andersson / Linkdetails

    Hairstylist – Andre Cueto Saavedra / Wiseandtalented

    Models – Caroline Forsling  & Caroline B Lellam / MIKAS

    Casting – Mireille Staxberg/ Linkdetails



    /xx Marina



    Marina Andersson
    April 12, 2021