Have had some busy weeks with nonstop studio work.
    So grateful for my agent who helps me coordinate everything, and all my clients.
    Thank You!

    Below is a mixed sum-up, on what’s been going on in my life lately.
    On and off-set.




    Well, as I said, I´ve spent a lot of days in the studio.

    Sometimes totally blending in with the interiors.







    Spring has finally sprung in Stockholm





    Me and my agent, had a lovely lunch meeting outside






    When the sun is out I am serious about protecting my face.

    Both SPF 50 and a hat to be sure to shield my face.

    Do you want to know more about SPF? Should I write a post about it?

    It certainly is the season to gear up on sunprotection.




    I have tried some newly launched makeup from Byredo & Isamaya Ffrench

    Love their new waterproof mascara – Tears in Rain






    My husband is a chef, and spoils us with his delicatessen on the weekends.

    This was a take-out we sampled , from his latest restaurant project here in Stockholm.






    I met up a friend from New York here after work, and it felt like being back in the Big Apple for a while.





    Can you tell we’ve been shooting swimwear in the studio?

    Citrus props!




    A swimwear-shoot needs glowy limbs.

    Not hard to achieve with these trusted glow heroes.



    LOVE a gilded eyelid for spring and summer.

     I bought these lovelies to amp up the skin-feeling on the top lid and added natural gaze




    Afra got the golden hour look.

    Love her freckles and dewy skin.

    I applied a golden creamy hue around her eyes and to that a coral lip





    And YES, Pat McGrath, Ofra and Byredo palettes have also been used on set lately, for added colour pop.





    Violet Ice!

    Perhaps the prettiest ice cube I´ve seen.






    And today I am trying the Vitamin- C and Turmeric face oil that Sunday Riley sent me as a gift.

    It worked well with my Gua- Sha tools. I added some water for extra friction.

    I think I have told you that Gua Sha is my everyday face gym.

    A sacred ritual for me that relaxes and sets my intention for the day and leaves my face with added glow.




    Wishing you a lovely day!

    xx Marina






    Marina Andersson
    May 18, 2021


    Mireille Staxberg