Working long days on set, close to likeminded people, has a certain expanding effect on ones mind.
    I remember one day in New York in a studio on W 26th street, the team talked about something new and notable, while someone would ask doubtingly:

    – Where did you hear that??
    – I heard it on set!

    Someone else would answer clearly. And that would be an okay answer.
    On set everybody shares their latests passion, findings, advice, tips and learnings, no matter what area.
    The story then travels between sets and teams. The level of truth of the story possibly being altered along the way, just like any gossip.




    Last week was no exception in our studio in Stockholm.
    Skincare tips, yoga teacher recommendations and beauty device-tips was flying across the room with high speed.
    My phone notepad already being filled with new Netflix series to watch, books to read and dermatologists to see.
    But if I can remember who said what? Probably not.
    I heard it on set!





    Before the pandemic ( when we were still travelling for work ), I would totally rely on the model’s hotel recommendations, the stylist’s hidden restaurant gems, the hairstylist’s unbeatable hair tricks and the photographer’s music taste. So much that their playlists would take over my Shazam.
    I miss those days.


    Is it perhaps therefore I feel like starting the hashtag #ihearditonset, so we can share these handy tips, and make them available to a wider audience?
    Maybe.Some tips I already share here on The Beauty Edit of course, but please feel free to use the hashtag #ihearditonset whenever you share some advice you picked up backstage or on set.  ( Or off – set for that matter, perhaps on your coffee – break at your workplace? )

    It’ll be fun to see what happens!




    Wishing you all a lovely weekend and stay well!




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    Marina Andersson
    March 12, 2021