My idea of a new year reset – that got, well postponed?

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    I had the intention to do a new year reset in January.
    Boost my body and mind and give myself that extra rest and energy, ready to take on new challenges of the year.
    Nothing hardcore. Simply more mindful.
    I am a strong believer that the body has the power to heal itself, giving the right circumstances.
    BUT, then came weeks of quarantine and Covid had us all knocked out.
    I am up and running again, but my new year reset is still on hold..

    Below I share how I intended to incorporate things I already do, but in a more concentrated way to maximize their health benefits.
    It involves wishful practices, high-tech helpers and natural remedies.


    Digestive System
    I have a sensitive digestive system and wanted to boost the gut flora with fermented veggies, enzymes, probiotics and a turmeric shot in the morning.
    (My favourite recipe for the turmeric shot is this one from my friends at Food Pharmacy )
    I don’t have the patience to do my own kimchi, so I buy that in my health food store and add a table spoon for dinner.
    Getting enough nutrients, greens and chlorophyll can be tricky. (Especially when living on catering during photo-shoots!)
    For me, the easiest way to make sure I tick that box, is to boost my smoothies with nutritional goodies.
    I alternate by mixing leafy greens, ginger, green apple with some spirulina, chlorella, collagen or  linssed oil in my morning smoothie.


     Bobby Doherty/ New York Magazine



    Lymph health
    I love to take care of my lymphatic system.  Regular dry brushing,  facial gua-sha, under- eye treatments and other lymphatic drainage techniques keeps my body energized.
    I bought this tool (that I confess resembles a meat-axe more than a lymphatic drainage tool) to work the skin on my legs and arms (and give my cellulite a real workout ) This routine followed by an invigorating bodyoil feels great.
    For the reset I also intended to try lymphatic self massage. I am inspired by Lisa Levitt Gainsley and her tutorials online.

    In Stockholm I go to Chris, my favourite lymphatic drainage therapist. Last week I wanted to vitalise my immune system and rid toxins after covid, and she tried a method that I think is quite unique here in Sweden. A new Brazilian detox massage technique.
    Chris describes the massage like a mix between lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, Chinese cupping, stretching and body sculpting.
    No wonder Brazilian supermodels turn to this procedure before big events!
    I felt extremely well after my session, and lighter in my whole body and mind.
    I highly recommend a Dreno detox massage with Chris!






    Energize body & skin
    I love running as exercise, but would have wanted to add more yoga to boost my flexibility and flow for the reset. An instant stress-reducer for me.
    While living in New York, I got used to the benefits of infra-red saunas. Last year I bought an Infra red – sauna blanket to sweat out the toxins at home.  It is great for my whole body, but also relieves muscle tension and joint pain. I confess I tend to multitask , even in my IR – session, and apply some hydrating detoxing eye patches.
    Ok. Any high-tech devices for face, you ask?  Yes!
    I trust my little UFO to deliver a salon feel at home and LED- light therapy to regenerate my skin, with it’s stimulating red – and vitalising green LED lights.

    I would have loved to incorporate ice globes in a cooling cryo facial, that are said to depuff, tighten and brighten the skin aswell. Next time.



    image by Johanne Mills



    Mental check-ins
    Talking about ice, if you are a regular reader here you know I am a big fan of winter swim and breath work.
    I think I like the mental benefits of ice baths ,more than the physical sensation itself. Did you try it yet?
    Clarity, elevated mood and an overall feeling of wellbeing are just a few of the things I notice for myself after a cold bath.
    For my reset I would probably have doubled the number of times I entered ice cold water.

    For other mental check-ins I would have turned to moving and journaling with The Class. I love the intensity of their classes.

    Meditation would have been a given on my list. I already do regular transcendental meditations with The EQ Gym  
    They describe themselves as a digital mental fitness club. Their LA based coach April, is amazing.




    image by Linus Morales for Kinfolk. Makeup by me.



    I guess it is while we sleep our bodies work on the restoring process?
    Sleeping by 9 pm? YES please!
    I love an early night.
    To relax my muscles and make sure I get quality sleep, I love a hot bath with epsom salt before bedtime.
    Adding a silk pillowcase for hair health simply puts the dot over the i for me.



    Image by Linus Morales for Kinfolk. Makeup by me



    Well, I think that’s it.

    Take Care!

    Love ,





    All recommendations are my own. Simply sharing what works for me.
    If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have other health conditions, make sure to check with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements or treatments.


    Marina Andersson
    February 25, 2022