DIGITAL SKINANALYSIS and my personal results from the lab

    As you know I am very enthusiastic about skin health and am always eager to see what new research and skincare products are on the market.
    But never before have I seen if the products I use, have had any effect on my skin or on the other hand, been harming it?

    Having struggled with Perioral Dermatitis ( apparently very common among makeupartists and skincare devotees) and coming out on the other side again, I have great respect for my skin health.
    A thorough analysis on the depth of my skin seemed even parts frightening and exciting.

    The team behind the skinalasysis are skin scientists, dermatologists and founders of skincare brand Skinome Project. They had my skin professionally scanned with an advanced 3D camera technique.
    Below I share the results and what I learned about my skin!





    The founder of Skinome Project  , Johanna Gillbro,  is also the author of The Scandinavian Skincare Bible,
    (HUDBIBELN ) a complete guide to skin health and a book I always come back to.
    Gillbro has a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology and is a wellknown researcher and skin scientist.



    Prior the session I was asked to clean my face with a mineral cleanser and then sitting down to let the skin “rest” for 15 minutes.

    After that I trusted Emilia to start the scanning process


    Emilia photographed me twice on all areas of the face, forehead, eye area, mouth , chin and so on, with this huge camera.

    The Antera 3D camera is developed to measure the skins status in depth via its redness, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, pores and volume.

    If you watched the SVT show “Sanningen om Hudvård” that aired earlier this year,  you probably are familiar with this camera




    And this is what the images of my skin looked like on the computer screen.



    Continue reading to see what these colourful squares say about my skin.






    • COLOUR



    RESULTS : According to Fitzpatrick-scale I am skintype 3.  Skin will sometimes burn and tan gradually.

    Recommendation from the lab:  Wear sunscreen from April to September in the nordics and also in wintertime when snow reflects the sun,  to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays . SPF is also an affective way to prevent premature ageing.





    •  PIGMENTATION  – This parameter shows how much pigmentation I have.




    RESULTS: My skin shows average signs of pigmentation, mostly around the eyes where some so called “brown age spots” are visible.

    Recommendation from the lab: Ingredients that have proven to be effective on pigmentation is Vitamin C and Niacinamide. Vitamin – C can be found in zinkascorbate, a hybrid ingredient from zink och vitamin – C, that makes the Vitamin C more stable.
    Most important is to wear sunscreen though.These are our recommendations for sunscreen:

    – La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light SPF 50
    – La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Comfort Cream SPF 50+
    – Avène Fragrance Free Cream 50+








    RESULTS : I have mild to average redness. The least redness is in my forehead and a little bit more on my cheeks , which is very common for people with fair skin types.

    Recommendation from the lab: To keep redness at bay we recommend washing your face only once a day, at night. During nighttime unique moisture binding substances are produced, and by not washing them away in the morning, you help your skin towards better skin health. If you like to wash your face in the morning, we recommend using only water! And we also recommend a minimalistic skincare regimen with as few products and ingredients as possible. If you like to minimise your redness we recommend trying one of our own products  Rich Emulsion  that contains the ingredient Naringenin. Naringenin has proven effects on reducing redness in the skin.




    • TEXTURE, FINE LINES , WRINKLES AND FOLDS  –  these parameters shows how even my skin texture is





    RESULTS: According to the Antera 3D camera my skin has an average texture. I have more texture around my eyes in the form of wrinkles. My cheeks have the least amount of texture. Overall I learned my skin is pretty smooth!

    Recommendation from the lab: Naturally we get more textured skin as we age and if we have dry skin. To minimise the texture or keep it at the same level, we recommend using a minimalistic hydrating product twice daily. Minimalistic meaning that it contains very few products.

    My fine lines and wrinkles are small to average around my eyes and in my forehead. Wrinkles appear when skin´s production of Elastin and Collagen goes down. A completely normal procedure.
    If you want to support your skin and slow down the ageing process the easiest way is to use moisturiser and sunscreen!
    Retinol is also an effective ingredient to use, to counteract fine lines and wrinkles.





    • PORES




    RESULT: My pores are very small.

    Comment from the lab : The size of pores can depend on skintype, age, exposure to UV rays and free radicals and what skincare products you use.



    And what did I think of these results?

    I am very grateful for this experience and I hope you as a reader learnt something too?
    I felt this analysis was very accurate about the condition of my skin. I was surprised to see that the texture was so smooth, after all products, active ingredients  and treatments I have tested during the years. I feel I will stay true to my minimalistic skincare routine and keep my daily products to a minimum. Not forgetting the SPF in wintertime either!

    Thank you everyone at Skinome Project and Johanna Gillbro!

    Wishing you all a great Sunday!


    Marina Andersson
    September 19, 2021