slow organic swedish skincare

    A couple of days ago I met up with OM – SE  founder and product formulator, Jenny Huurinainen, and got to know their minimalistic luxury skincare brand a little better.
    OM-SE means “to care for” in Swedish and propose a more sustainable approach to your skincare regimen.

    They produce plant based multifunctional skincare in small fresh volumes, made up north in Sweden.
    The range, consisting of only 4 products, aim to simplify your skincare routine and leave it up to you to to get to know your skin, and personalise dosage after how much or little moisture your skin needs.

    Having left out all additives and preservatives usually found in skincare, the brand concentrate only on powerful botanicals.

    Their range consist of Face Cleansing oil, Hydrating Face Mist, Renewing Face Oil and Balancing Face Oil. See how to use their products here.



    Not only is OM-SE passionate about the inside, they have also put their heart into its packaging and design.
    Their bottles are made of ultraviolet glass so you can keep it out on your bathroom shelf without compromising its content. They have a very transparent approach and label each product with ALL carefully chosen ingredients, not just highlighting one.
    The bottles have a minimalistic design and are handprinted in Stockholm and sold exclusively at their own website, It’s a Park and LYKO.




    OM- SE was founded by Jenny and her husband Jacob as a personal passion and a strive for finding that perfect blend of natural active ingredients.

    The line was launched last year and the couple have since left the fashion and interior world to focus on challenging skincare´s fast-beauty industry.


    Marina Andersson
    September 17, 2021