9 tips for summer pedicures at home

    Summer is here and open-toe season is at its peak.
    Socks are no longer needed, but to show off those well hidden winter feet for the first time is usually not fun.
    Don’t have time to book a salon appointment for pedicure?
    I share some of my tried tips for a quick at-home pedicure that will make your feet sandal-ready in no time.

    • Give them a good soak – Add a drop of oil and some lemon juice to your lukewarm water. It will soften the feet.
    • Get rid of dead skin with an exfoliator. (Use your body exfoliator if you don’t have a particular exfoliator dedicated to feet )
    • File away – use a foot file or pumice stone to remove old harsh skin on your heels
    • Moisturize well
    • Remove old polish with a gentle nail polish remover
    • Yellow toenails?  If you’ve been wearing red or dark polish all winter on your toenails they tend to look a little yellow. Use a gentle nail buffer on top of the toe nails. For very yellow nails mix baking soda + lemon juice and toothpaste and massage on your toenails with an old toothbrush. Rinse well.
    • Push down cuticles or cut them if you want. Cut and file nails in desired shape.
    • Keep nails natural with a clear polish or perhaps hint of pink. If you feel steadyhanded pick a colour that suits your summer outfits or mood.
    • Always end with a clear topcoat for longer lasting and more proffessional looking at-home pedicure

    Good Luck!

    Image by photographer Mads Teglers
    Outtake from story for Tomorrows journal
    Makeup and pedicure by Marina Andersson

    Marina Andersson
    June 25, 2019