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    Just a quick check-in and let you know how I am doing.
    I´ve been rolling my face with the Swiss Clinic Skin Roller for 4 nights now, and resting my face for the following 4 nights.
    It is recommended to rest for as many days, as you roll.
    You get the math.

    How Im feeling?
    I do feel a slight tingling sensation right after rolling my face at night.
    Almost like a sunburn or after a day skiing at the slopes in rough winterweather. The skin almost feels a little beaten right after rolling. But it goes away over night.

    Why do I do it?
    Ive heard so many great things and benefits about microneedling and the collagen stimulation that follows, and I can’t wait to see what it does to my own skin.

    What happens when you do microneedling?
    I will let these thorough graphics from Swissclinic explain:

    How I do it?
    At night (after putting my kids to sleep), I make sure my skin is squeaky clean and that my skin roller is 100% clean and sanitized.
    I use the Swiss Clinic Sanitizing Spray on the roller, both before and after rolling, to avoid any bacteria to go into the skin or any other unwelcome skinreaction.
    I start at the forehead and roll one way but in all 4 directions: vertical,horizontal and diagonally.
    After that I go on to the cheeks. Same there, covering all directions. Except the delicate eye area.
    After finishing, I clean the roller, and immediately apply a generous amount of the reviving face serum with hyaluronic acid to the whole face. That way the skin absorbs the added moist immediately.

    If in doubt how to do these steps at home, there are some supersimple graphics to explain on the Swissclinic homepage under the tab microneedling

    Love this serum!

    I always add eye cream at night, so I apply some of the Swiss clinic eye cream and top-off my nightritual with the rich Swiss Clinic Night Cream.

    Not much for selfies, but here is my january-face with zero makeup on, in a ratty sweatshirt.
    I look a bit pale and tired perhaps, but I do feel that my skintone is more even and neutral and that I don’t need to cover my undereye area that I usually do in the mornings.
    Will follow up with more images in a couple of days so we can see the progress.

    Until then, take care!


    Marina Andersson
    January 31, 2019