How are you?

    These times are remarkably strange.
    How are you? Are you staying in?
    Cabin fever?
    I will not give you 100 tips to get yourself occupied while in Quarantine, but can share how I get by in these strange times that change by the minute.

    Oh Land expressed it well, in her newly written song “I miss one week ago”

    image borrowed from Oh Land

    Staying in and cancelling dinner plans etc, has really gotten a new meaning since a friend introduced me to Zoom.
    Seeing friends for breakfast, coffee or a drink via the screen feels new and exciting, and far from being locked up.

    Derek Blasberg twittered a wish to rephrase “social distancing” to “physical distancing”.

    And of course there is a filter to activate , on zoom, to look your best during your video call.

    Self Care.  A completely overused word, but in these new times it is actually a vital chore: To take care of oneself.
    Beauty can definitely be a superficial topic, but also a mindful-act or distract you from worrying or get your mind out of a toxic anxious loop.
    Do something that makers you feel good. Paint your nails, ( Marc Jacobs is trying a pedicure), do a hair mask or why not give that new bold makeup- look you’ve been Youtubing lately, a try?
    For me, I love taking baths.

    Long , hot, preferably candle-lit, baths. Soothing and comforting.
    I’m trying to amp up my bathroom and am still in love with this wallpaper Coven from from Maison C

    image borrowed from @goldilocksg

    Having a garden is new to me, so I am embracing this new area of creativity.
    The pleasure of gardening is really comforting in these times.
    Putting tiny seeds in soil, in small pots, cutting my apple tree, planning where kale and wild strawberries will live and so on.

    BUT, garden work is not easy on those dry, over-washed hands right now.

    You can find tips on how to take care of superdry hands here and here


    Take Care of yourself and your loved ones!




    Marina Andersson
    March 31, 2020