Sommarlovet och Semestern är slut för många, och om ni som jag lagt träningen lite åt sidan, medan det sociala livet, mycket resor, och långa middagar (och ett och annat glas rosé) tagit över, kanske det kan vara på sin plats att kickstarta hösten med lite träning?

    Jag är så glad att Laura Smith Mårtensson, en av New Yorks ständigt fullbokade Personliga Tränare, på det unika Broadwaygymet Mark Fisher Fitness, ville skräddarsy 5 snabba övningar för alla er läsare på THE BEAUTY EDIT och LOVELY LIFE.
    Laura har en bakgrund som dansare och musikalartist och tränar numera Broadwaystjärnor dagligen på New York gymet, beläget i Hells Kitchen.

    Här nedan har hon satt ihop ett enkelt men effektivt program som stärker hela kroppen, och kommer ge dig definition och få dig att känna dig stark!
    Detta program är framtaget exklusivt för oss, och du behöver inte ens gå till gymet! Du kan göra övningarna vart du vill. Hemma, på hotellrummet eller på stranden.
    Det enda du behöver är en vikt att lyfta. Laura säger har du inga hantlar, ta det du har till hands! Tex Ett mjölkpaket, några soppkonserver eller ett par fyllda vattenflaskor!

    1. SQUATS
    Yep, the rumors are true, squats are awesome for your back side and your entire
    lower body! Doing these properly is important though. To set up your squat start standing up
    tall with your feet hip width apart or slightly wider. Your toes should be pointing straight
    forward or turned out slightly, whatever feels most comfortable to you. The motion should
    be like sitting your butt back and down into a low chair. You want to make sure that your
    spine stays nice and long while you move (no rounding or arching of the back). You also
    want to take a look at your knees and make sure they tracking in line with your toes and not
    caving in towards each other. When you stand back up tall make sure you find some
    tension, think abs tight and butt tight! Once you feel like you are nailing this movement you
    can add some weight. If you don’t have access to any dumbbells or kettlebells, that’s fine!
    Grab anything you have around, some soup cans or a bag of flour for instance.
    Hold what ever you have with both hands up near your chest, elbows pointing
    down. Do 10-15 of these, rest and repeat.


    2. PLANK
    I’m sure you have all heard of a plank and probably done a version of one at some
    point. They are popular because they are awesome! Creating tension in the plank position
    gets those deep core muscles to wake up and do some work so you can show off those abs!
    To set up your plank, start with forearms on the ground parallel to each other. Extend your
    legs long so that your body becomes one straight line. You want to be sure that your hips
    don’t sink to the floor but stay in line with your shoulders. Also, tucking your butt under
    slightly and squeezing will help get those core muscles activated. Keep the back of your
    neck long and your ears in line with your shoulders. Once you find this position, get tight
    and take deep breaths as you hold. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute


    3. PUSH-UP
    Once you are doing a really solid plank, it’s time for a push up. The push up is a
    great full body exercise because the entire body has to engage to do this properly. A pushup
    is just a plank that moves. For this one you will start in a plank with straight arms, hands
    just a little wider than your shoulders. Everything else about your plank applies here: body
    in one long line, hips in line with your shoulders and butt squeezed and tucked under
    slightly. From here you will bend your elbows lowering down toward the ground in one
    piece. Go as low as you can without losing tension and then push the ground away to come
    back up as you exhale. If this is too challenging at first, try this one with your knees on the
    ground. Do 8-10 of these, rest and repeat.


    So doing stuff on one leg is super important. It’s not often in life that we
    are standing on both feet with our weight distributed evenly. Most of the time we are moving
    from one foot to the other, that is why it’s important to build up some stability and strength
    while transferring weight. The reverse lunge is basically a step back while lowering toward
    the floor at the SAME time. Start standing with your feet directly under your hips and your
    toes pointing straight forward. Step back with one foot and bend both knees, we are looking
    to get to a 90 degree angle with both knees. Your knee will hover just off the floor, not
    touching. From here press your front foot into the floor to come back to standing. Checking
    out your front knee to make sure it stays in line with the toes and doesn’t cave is important
    here. Keep alternating legs as you go. Do 8 of these on each leg.


    This is exactly what it sounds like. You are gonna walk around and carry
    some stuff! This exercise is so good for you and so functional in terms of everyday life.
    Whether its groceries, suitcases, backpacks, laundry or children we all have to carry things
    so why not do it in a way that will make you stronger and more fit?! The added bonus is
    protecting your back from injury and making your abs look better. Sounds awesome, right?
    All you need to do is pick something up and go for a walk. The position that you walk in
    however, REALLY matters. You want to make sure you are in what I like to call a ‘standing
    plank’. I am standing tall without leaning back or arching at all, my butt is tight and slightly
    tucked under, my abs are tight and I’m looking out on the horizon(not down at the ground) as
    I walk. I am holding on to what ever I have with a tight grip on either side of my body. Ideally
    you would want grab some weights(dumbbells or kettlebells) but if you don’t have those,
    work with what you have! Two grocery bags, laundry bag, a backpack, anything with a
    handle that you can grab. Walk for one minute. Rest and repeat.


    There you have it, the New York PT´s Top 5 Moves!

    You can do these moves anytime on their own or put them together for a circuit style workout. That would look something like this:
    Squats: 10-15 repetitions
    Plank: 30 seconds
    Push-ups: 8-10
    Reverse Lunge: 8 repetitions each leg
    Loaded Carries: 1 minute
    Rest 1 minute. Repeat 3 times!

    Picture Credit:
    Top Image
    Campaignimage from SATS SPORTS CLUB 2014
    Photographer: Fred Jonny
    Styling : Maria Virgin
    Hair and Makeup by me
    All other pictures by Laura Smith Mårtensson / Mark Fisher Fitness

    Marina Andersson
    August 14, 2016