For spring 2018 Christian Dior sent out models with a major retro lash look.
    Clumpy lashes with tons of mascara.
    Quite inspiring if you ask me, but maybe not the average weekday look?
    Below I will share 10 mascara hacks that I use backstage in my job as a makeupartist.


    1. Curl the lashes with a good eyelash curler.
    I stick to my beloved Shu Uemura curler, but use a mini one for really straight and stubborn lashes.

    2. Press the lashes in towards the eyelid a few times to get a natural bend after they are curled.

    3. If you have really thin lashes , start off using a lash primer to add texture, stability and length to the lash.
    Try which one works for you. There are tons of primers out there. Personally I  tend to return to the one from Dior

    4. Apply Mascara starting at the roots and lift, wiggle and apply the mascara in a zig zag motion.
    During winter time I might have to warm up the mascara for a while in my hand , to get the formula more liquid. A cold clumpy formula is simply not working.

    5. Always apply mascara on both sides of the lash.
    If your mascarawand is too thick, I recommend trying a thin fan brush to reach those top lashes. If you have blond lashes, try to avoid ‘gaps’ by filling in all hairs from the roots. If you still have ‘gaps’,  go in with a liquid liner and target only those hairs that are hard to reach.

    6. Make sure to comb out any clumpy residue at the tips of the lashes with a lash comb

    7. If you want more drama,  add falsies.
    Individual lashes are supereasy to use and can be placed where you want added length.
    I usually start at the outer corner of the eye and  begin using 3 individuals. That might be all you need for a fuller looking lash line!

    8. If you want to use a solid strip of lashes make sure you measure your eyelid and custom-cut the strip to fit your lid.
    Not a very good look if the strip is too long and pull the skin on your eyelid.
    I always trim the hairs of fake lashes, with my sharp nailscissor to make them look less even.
    To me, a natural looking wispy lash is the best!


    9. Do you want to aim for the retro clumpy lash look at Dior above?
    Add translucent powder to the lashes in-between coatings and keep on going until you have the desired spidery effect.
    Finish off with black coal liner on the inner rim of the eye, for a more intense look!

    10. Add a layer of waterproof mascara in the end, for a longer lasting look and to prevent the mascara from smudging.

    Images from Dior SS18 – Vogue Runway – by Sonny Vandervelde

    Marina Andersson
    May 24, 2018