The Beauty Edit by Marina Andersson

    The Beauty Edit is a blog about all things beauty and my life as a makeupartist.
    Here you will find backstage beauty secrets, current product obsessions, my inspiration, travel tips and beautytrends.

    I have been working in the beauty and fashion industry for over two decades.
    I am constantly inspired by travel, music, art, the beauty of everyday life and people around me.
    The Beauty Edit mirrors all that. And more.

    HAIRCARE × January 20, 2020 Can we talk about the benefits of silk sheets? I have read about all the hair and skin- benefits, of silk sheets, for too long, without giving it a try. I have had this cringe-look on my face while thinking, silk is too shiny and tacky for my bed... READ MORE Affiliate links × September 19, 2019 Hairdetox? Inlägget innehåller reklam genom annonslänkar för KICKS This post contains affiliate links for KICKS Does your hair feel heavy with spidery ends? Dry, dull, extra oily or have a lot of pro... READ MORE BEAUTY × August 26, 2019 Soap as Shampoo? Really? Can one wash the hair with a soap bar? I am eager to try since all I´ve heard are cherishing words. This soap from Syria, the Aleppo soap, contains laurel leaf oil, and is s... READ MORE ECO PRODUCTS × April 20, 2018 HAIR HEROES   I´ve been testing some shampoos , treatments and styling creams to enliven my dry, dull winter hair lately and these are my favourites so far. Please note all opinions are my own and ... READ MORE HAIRCARE × March 15, 2018 office favourites   Right now everyone I know, is complaining about dry winterskin and dull hair. Sweden is serving snowstorms and ice-cold weather on repeat, and lustrous hair and dewy skin seems rather... READ MORE #TRENDTUESDAY × March 5, 2018 Hairclip inspo I am getting a lot of hairinspo from the ongoing fallshows for AW18 and am liking the use of hair clips. Alexander Wangs use of the 80s classic Clawclip ( or Hairclip or Bananaclip as some are refe... READ MORE HAIRCARE × December 19, 2017 Tools to get me working Detta är ett inlägg i samarbete med Cloud Nine Förbereder årets sista jobbuppdrag och inför varje jobb packar jag varsamt mina väskor. Suger åt mig all tillgänglig information innan, och gör res... READ MORE ECO PRODUCTS × July 7, 2017 Packing light Sista jobbdagen är gjord innan semestern och nu väntar några vänner i ett hus i Italien på oss. Overkligt härlig känsla. Jag packar jobbväskan detaljerat daglien, men övar mig i att packa lätt t... READ MORE BEAUTY × May 10, 2017 4 tips till bröllopshår Under Maj och Juni duggar eventen oftast tätt. Bröllop, Student, Konfirmation och Bal. Dagar man oftast vill vara lite extra fin på. Letar du inspiration på hårstilar inför din stora dag, så får... READ MORE BUDGET BEAUTY × March 1, 2017 Blush Notes Det är vår i luften och jag verkar dras till allt som är rosa. Veckans budgetfavorit är definitivt Lumenes Instant Glow Beauty Serum. Ett supertunnt lysterserum som tonar och jämnar ut. Den ge... READ MORE