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    The single most common question I get this time of year is “Which selftanner looks the most natural?” Or perhaps “Which self tanner works, and makes me look less orange?”
    I have a few trusted heroes that I always recommend, but then there are a myriad of new products, that I have not had the chance to try yet.
    I will share some of them below.


    But before we pick our best suited products there are two things to remember:

    PREPPING YOUR SKIN IS ESSENTIAL –  Self tanners work best on smooth, clean and dried skin.  Dry Brush or Exfoliate to remove dry skin before application.

    MOISTURIZE before Selftanning – Moisturized skin is everything for a smooth and even tan.
    A Body Lotion works great, but stay away from body oil, before applying self-tanner to avoid unevenness or stripes in your tan. Don´t forget knees and elbows where skin is extra dry.


    Below I pick out a few formulas you might like, for instance mousse, oil, drops, lotion serum , some that I use, and some that are on my to – try list


    image by Fernando Gomez





    I like these user friendly products from James Read and St Tropez


    TIP: When applying self tan mousse –  a tanning mitt is a must.





    The best with these organic self tan drops is you can mix them with your daily moisturiser for face or lotion for body.

    I like to use a drop of A hint of summer from Rudolph Care in my bodylotion, and am curious to try these drops from  Estelle and Thild 












    Invisible foaming tan water from Vita Liberata A streak free formula with water that forms into a foam.
    Alcohol free, perfume and sulphate free. Would love to try this!





    Hyaluronic Self Tan serum? With gradual effect. Sounds great.

    Have not tried it yet, but Tan Luxe Super Glow Serum is definitely on my list.




    image by Fernando Gomez



    An australian soft golden tan in a bottle? Sounds good to me.

     bondi sands liquid gold self tanning dry oil is said to deliver just that










    Are there such things as exfoliating self tan pads? Yes!

    Would love to try these, but am unsure if they fit my sensitive skin. Have you tried them? Tell me how you like them!

    DR Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow pads








    I used to use Jergens gradual tan lotion when we lived in New York. A drugstore staple perfect for  pale leg-rescue at first sight of spring.

    Now I use a body lotion with soft gradual effect from either Madara or St Tropez  



    This St Tropez lotion in light/medium , gives my legs a subtle added glow without being too sticky or smelly.





    Before there were a trillion instant tanning products,  we used to run off to CVS and buy this Sally Hansen Classic- Airbrush legs.

    Water resistant and transfer proof for instantly airbrushed legs on-set.


    image from Sally Hansen



    A pocket sized spray tan kit for home use ?

    If that’s what you are looking for – Tanrevel airbrush kit is what you should aim for!






    This SELF TAN GUIDE I wrote a while back will help you pick product after scenario, rather than formula




    Marina Andersson
    May 12, 2022